T-PRO Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 as a manufacturer of surface treatment machinery. Since then, we have been working everyday on R&D in order that we can actively respond to industry needs and provide highly cost-effective products with excellent quality and environmentally friendly functionalities. In addition, we have also put our expertise on precision surface treatment machinery manufacturing to use by entering other industries as a challenge, providing energy-efficient machinery and inspection machinery to the electrical industry, the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and so forth. For example,

・Designing, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance of metal and non-metal surface treatment machinery. (All types of plated hoop/auxiliary equipment.) 

・Designing, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance of electric control equipment.

・Consulting service related to metal and non-metal surface treatment technology.  

・Designing, manufacturing of the automatic welding device (resistance welding, laser welding) 

・Designing, manufacturing of the automatic printing device (laser marker, IJP)

・Designing, manufacturing of the tester for pharmaceutical products and a health food. 

・Designing, manufacturing of the building materials (wood, aluminum materials) automatic test equipment

・Trust production such as the trial products with the 3D printer (resin type)

We will continue to conduct further research, so that we can provide more satisfactory products to each industry that are expected to develop even more in the coming future.

President:Yasuhide Taniguchi